I blinked and a year passed and we meet again! Today the room is filled with hard working business people from every aspect of commerce.

Some people just dream of success while others wake up and work hard to achieve that success. Sitting in this room are hundreds of people who wake up and go to work. In addition to work they belong to chambers and volunteer their time and energy to help make their community a better place to live, work and play. I speak not only about the 2018 Business person honorees but all the many past and present presidents, board and committee members who volunteer and are the backbone of every chamber.

Every Nassau Chamber of Commerce is a very important component of the Nassau Council. We try to educate and inform our chambers and keep an open dialogue with elected officials. With a strong united voice of over 10,000 businesses we network together and strive to maintain a healthy climate for the next generation of businesses to come. Downtown revitalization, jobs and economic growth all go hand in hand with the SHOP LOCAL mantra! When the money stays local…. our property and school taxes have additional revenue and our towns, villages and cities can prosper.

As we approach our 40th year anniversary I want to recognize the 12 NCCC presidents and hundreds of board members who have worked together to build this organization. We volunteer our time and energy to protect, educate and advocate for small business issues that often get overlooked. A heartfelt kudos goes to our current NCCC board members and today we’re thrilled to add additional names to our long honor roll.

Yes, a welcome to new faces but we also say goodbye to the predominant proofreader, attentive listener and behind the scene powerhouse. Ginny McClean is a valued member of the Bellmore Chamber and has given NCCC 100% support and commitment. I know everyone joins me in thanking Ginny for her help and support and for being a wonderful friend and advocate for businesses all across Nassau County.

This year’s Breakfast Committee deserves lots of R&R this weekend! I thank each one of you for your help and dedication in honoring our small business community. Next year we’re having something completely different! We look forward to seeing everyone at the NCCC’s 40th Anniversary Event.

2018 Honoree Breakfast Montage