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We're promoting and protecting the interest of
small business in Nassau County
Lobbying for Small Business
We Prioritize & Pursue Issues at the Appropriate Level of Government
Facilitating Change
We are an umbrella organization acting as a spokesperson for
all local Chambers of Commerce in Nassau County, NY.



Monthly Meetings

Our Mission

The Council’s mission is to address legislative issues that may impact the businesses of Nassau County and to prioritize and pursue those issues at the appropriate level of government using various forms of media and lobbying.

chamber board members promoting Shop Local campaign

The Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (NCCC) is an umbrella organization and the united voice for all local Chambers of Commerce throughout Nassau County, New York. We are an extension of local chambers and volunteers dedicated to promoting, protecting and encouraging the success of Nassau County’s business community.

Small and mid-size businesses are the life blood of Long Island’s dense population. Nassau County is home to over 90,000 businesses, grossing billions of dollars and the vast majority of them employ 50 people or less. The Council stays abreast of local, regional and state issues that impact the business community.

We are a volunteer organization dedicated to addressing workable solutions. When commerce remains strong and vibrant all people of Nassau County benefit.

Shop Local

Local businesses need local staff; it is that simple. By shopping locally, you are helping the shops and companies in your community to grow, which in turn leads to increased revenue, higher recruitment and more career opportunities opening up for everyone. Look at it this way: $10 million spent at  local businesses generates 57 new jobs. The same amount spent at an online retailer like Amazon creates just 13 jobs.


shop local
Current Issues
  • Promote Shop Local
  • Taxes
  • Downtown Redevelopment
  • Government Accountability