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The Seaford Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1925, for the purpose of encouraging and promoting high ethical and moral business practices for the commercial, civil and social betterment of the community. The Seaford Chamber of Commerce is made up of individuals who volunteer their time, energy and resources to support the community of Seaford.
The Chamber is conducted in a business-like manner with a team of Officers and a Board of Directors elected to their respective positions. In the first week of each month, a board meeting is held to discuss issues which are deemed important to the community at large. Monthly membership meetings, are held on the third Tuesday of each month, and are designed to bring together the community, provide a forum for identifying key issues, provide educational information and an opportunity to introduce the services of the community.

Strong community relations involving our business districts, schools, civil and social organizations are vital in supporting Seaford. Our programs include: Student Scholarships, Educational Seminars for Business Owners, Holiday Lighting, Beautification, Community Watch Dog, and various Community Events.

We at the Seaford Chamber of Commerce encourage your support, guidance and willingness to keep Seaford a community united in spirit, hope and togetherness.