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Plainview-Old Bethpage


info_291_plainviewProfileImgA great community to live, work and play in. The population is approximately 33,000. Plainview-Old Bethpage is centrally located on Long Island covering an area of 8.3 sq. miles with access to all major highways.
The community has one of the best libraries in Nassau County, the Plainview-Old Bethpage Public Library, which is open 76 hours each week. Other agencies located in Plainview-Old Bethpage are the Plainview Water District, Plainview Volunteer Fire Department, 2 Post Offices, North Shore University Hospital, Central Island Nursing Home, Mid-Island Y, the Plainview Health Center and the Cooperative Extension of Nassau County and other County Offices located in the Nassau Office Complex off Old Country Road. The Old Bethpage Village Restoration and the Battleground Campgrounds are located in Old Bethpage.

At present, there are approximately 4883 children attending our four elementary schools, 2 junior high schools and one high school. We have many strip malls with major supermarkets, drug stores, restaurants and a variety of other stores. There are also several medical and office buildings. It is a community where the houses are well kept and the people enjoy the best of suburbia.