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Welcome to the Oceanside, NY Chamber of Commerce


Oceanside is an unincorporated area within the Town of Hempstead. The history of Oceanside dates back to 1643 in which Reverend Danton of Stamford Connecticut (known as the father of Hempstead) sent Rev. Robert Fordham and John Carmen to establish a new settlement.

They couldn’t go farther west because of the Dutch, so they followed the Native Americans across Long Island Sound to Hempstead Harbor. There they found an uninhabited plain which they were interested in purchasing. They were told to go along an Indian trail (what is now Peninsula Blvd.) east of a long swamp (Hempstead Lake Reservoir) to Rechquaakie in Tachapousha. It was there in which they signed a deed disposing in an immense sale of land extending from Hempstead to Rockaway Inlet. Oceanside didn’t always have the same name.. It was formerly known as Christian Hook, Oceanville.