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New Hyde Park


Since 1962  We’ve Been Here to Help You Thrive

Who we are.
The Greater New Hyde Park Chamber is the fastest growing, proactive group of local businesses and business professionals in the NHP area.  Our mission is to sustain and enhance the overall quality of life for those who live and work in NHP by maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business economy.


What we do.    
The Chamber provides leadership, education and advocacy to stimulate economic growth in NHP. More specifically we:


  • Coordinate efforts of commerce and industry
  • Sponsor aggressive programs that promote the full development and employment of our human and economic resources
  • Provide creative business leadership in solving community problems and initiating constructive community action
  • Create a broad understanding and appreciation of the opportunities in our area and promote the advantages and assets of our community
  • Support local charitable endeavors and scholarship programs


How we do it.
With innovation, continuity and creativity,  we initiate fun, educational and engaging opportunities for residents and businesses to connect, grow and learn from one another, including:


  • Monthly meetings & networking sessions
  • Special events
  • Professional development workshops
  • Powerful online networking
  • Distribution of a complete Chamber address book
  • Signage programs
  • Sponsorship certificates


Current Officers and Directors
Learn more about  us by learning more about our leadership team.
Meet our officers:

President Jerry Baldassaro
1st Vice President Jeannette Frisina
2nd Vice President Reena Gulati
3rd Vice President Cheryl Fajardo
Secretary Saveeta Barnes
Treasurer Richard Guilfoyle
Executive Administrator


Dana (Pron. Donna) DeSimpliciis


Board of Directors

  • Christopher O’Brien
  • Christopher Vulpis -Past President
  • Donna Pagano
  • Edward W.  Powers
  • Ken Gursky, CFP
  • Larry Armstrong
  • Leslie Hall
  • Mark Laytin-Past President
  • Norman Dawson
  • Mr. Peter M. Caputo-Past President
  • Ralph John Ventura-Past President
  • Richard DeMartino-Past President
  • Steven Blank
  • Stewart M. Small-Past President
  • Thomas Schrafel