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Welcome to the

Chamber of Commerce of the Massapequas

About our Chamber:

The Chamber of Commerce of the Massapequas, Inc. has been serving the business needs of the Massapequa community since it was formed in September, 1948.

The Chamber was “formed for the purpose of encouraging and promoting high ethical and moral business practices for the commercial, civic and social betterment of its environs.”

For the past 60 years, members of our community have worked to represent the special needs of all the local businesses working together. The Chamber seeks to do for the business community what no person can accomplish if they were to work alone.

Our organization provides leadership through its various programs and projects and encourages its members to take an active role in representing our community and making it a better place for all to live, work and prosper.

Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the Month. Be sure to visit www.massapequachamber.org for more information!