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Welcome to the Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce


As members of the Chamber of Commerce, we consider ourselves a vital part of Lynbrook and are dedicated to improving the wonderful sense of community we all share. We strive to work with you to maintain a healthy and vibrant economic, as well as social, environment for our residents.

A glance through our listing shows that we are a diverse group of experts from all walks of life. So much of what you need in your everyday living is offered right here at home, so we urge you to “Shop and do business in Lynbrook”.

And always, we graciously support our many not-for-profit and charitable organizations, as these organizations are an important part of what makes Lynbrook USA a wonderful place to live, work and play.

In addition to our commitment to our community, we are dedicated to enhancing our member’s businesses through our directory, our networking events and the various business-related meetings we conduct on a monthly basis.

So save your gas, shop in Lynbrook. Our businesses are conveniently located right down the street from you!

We need, want and enjoy your business!