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About the Chamber

The Village of Hempstead Chamber of Commerce has a fifteen member voluntary Board of Directors who work closely with government, community groups, the media and organizations to advance the commercial, industrial, educational, civic and general interests of the Incorporated Village of Hempstead. Many of its members live and work in the Village. Some are lifetime residents.

The Hempstead Chamber of Commerce is more than anything else, people…people who live and work in the village of Hempstead and people who are committed to making a difference in Hempstead .

The Hempstead chamber of commerce consists of businesses small and large. It provides a powerful voice for the people who believe in Hempstead and wish to see it fulfill all of its possibilities. Operating with an independently funded budget, the Chamber takes full advantage of a small support staff coupled with the ideas and energy provided by its many volunteers .Working in committees, its members are active in many projects, such as Hempstead ‘s 350th Birthday in 1993.This festival may be the greatest gift yet given to Hempstead: it casts a look back on Hempstead’s glorious past while signaling a rebirth for Hempstead’s fortunes for the years to come. The Chamber has sponsored a Health Fair, a Summer Youth Employment Program, Scholarship Awards, a Little League Team, as well as Marketing Programs and an Annual Awards Dinner.

The Chamber serves as a liaison between our community, business and government, while offering real solutions to Hempstead’s problems. But the Chamber can only be successful in this regard if it is used as the resource it can truly be. The Chamber needs you ,because together we can make the difference. Without your Business and Businesses like yours the Chamber would not exist.

The Chamber believes that with your diligence, hard work, and most importantly, the support of the business community, Hempstead will continue to be the “HUB” of Long Island.

The Chamber’s general membership meets at 6 p.m. on the third Monday of the month at various appropriate locations in Hempstead