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East Meadow

  • About Us

  • The East Meadow Chamber of Commerce has been promoting the businesses in the East Meadow area for over 50 years. Through a compre­hensive program of networking, fund­raising, high profile community events, educational programs and public rela­tions campaigns, the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce works aggres­sively to assist the business community of East Meadow. With your member­ship, you like many other successful businesses, can use the Chamber as a vehicle to increase the success of your business.

    By joining the Chamber, you gain many benefits. We are continually pro­moting and working with business to create a better economy in the town. Through a wide array of outlets and events, the Chamber is continuously in the eyes of the community.

    Mission Statement

    The Chamber of Commerce sets the stand­ard for excellence in member services, community collaboration, business growth and achieving a high quality of life in East Meadow.

    To take a leadership role in the develop­ment and growth of the East Meadow business community while promoting a positive atmosphere of cooperation Between businesses, schools, government and community at large.

    Vision and mission in action:
    Stimulate & promote the assets of East Meadow to support economic growth. Act as the voice of businesses while taking the initiative to communicate & address issues that are significant to businesses.