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East Meadow

  •  About Us

  • The East Meadow Chamber of Commerce has been promoting the businesses in the hamlets of East Meadow and Salisbury for over 60 years. Through a comprehensive program of networking, fundraising, high profile community events, educational programs and public relations campaigns, the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce works aggressively to assist our business community.  With your membership, you like many other successful businesses, can use the Chamber as a vehicle to increase the success of your business.

    By joining our Chamber, you gain many benefits. We are continually promoting and working with business to create a better economy in the town. Through a wide array of outlets and events, the Chamber is continuously in the eyes of the community.

    Mission Statement

    The Chamber of Commerce sets the standard for excellence in member services, community collaboration, business growth and achieving a high quality of life in our community which consists of the hamlets of East Meadow and Salisbury.

    To take a leadership role in the development and growth of our business community while promoting a positive atmosphere of cooperation Between businesses, schools, government and community at large.

    Vision and mission in action:
    Stimulate & promote the assets of our community to support economic growth. Act as the voice of businesses while taking the initiative to communicate & address issues that are significant to businesses.

  • Board of Directors 2018