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Welcome to Baldwin

A great place to do business.


The Baldwin Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization and is unique among Chambers because as well as many business members, we count on our resident members to help us promote Baldwin. Our residents know well that a successful business community is an essential part of a strong Baldwin. Whether you own a business or just live in Baldwin, please consider joining us.

What is the Chamber’s Mission Statement?

The Baldwin Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the prosperity of its member businesses and to the preservation of the quality, character, and vitality of our greater community.


What does the Chamber do?

We’re the people who ask you to “Shop Baldwin First.” Through our web site Baldwinchamber.com, we receive and respond to inquiries from potential business owners and residents.  We encourage all of you to get involved with our Chamber and promote our wonderful community.

Baldwin History

Thomas Baldwin (1795-1872) was a sixth generation resident of Hempstead town who lived with his wife and 3 children in Hicks Neck an area between Parsonage Creek near Oceanside, and Milburn Creek near Freeport. Mr. Baldwin owned a hotel and general store called T. Baldwin and Son. The Baldwin family had done so much for the community of Hicks Neck, that by 1855 the village was renamed Baldwinsville in their honor. In 1871, the name was changed to Baldwin so as not to confuse it with the Baldwinsville in upstate New York. By 1892, the village was officially called Baldwin.

On January 1, 1899, Hempstead Town and two other towns separated from Queens County and joined together to become Nassau County. During the early 1900’s, people were moving into “Beautiful Baldwin”, as it was named by a village realtor, for the village’s fine boating, bathing and fishing facilities. In 1929, Sunrise Highway opened becoming a major east/west thoroughfare in Baldwin. By 1939, Baldwin was the largest unincorporated village in New York State. After World War II, Baldwin began expanding again, and, in the 1940’s, the Baldwin Board of Trade was begun, the predecessor to our current Chamber of Commerce.

Capturing Baldwin’s story – it’s history in words and pictures – is the Baldwin Historical Society. Founded in the 1970’s by dedicated citizens of our community, our Historical Society continues to chronicle the strides made throughout our village and among our citizens.

Baldwin Historical Society and Museum: 980 Grand Ave., Baldwin, 516-223-6900. Artifacts on local area includes display on clam diggers (late 1800s) and collection of toys. Reference library on local and L. I. history open by appointment; guided tours, lectures, educational programs offered.